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Kiwi Travel and Tours has had the pleasure of planning and guiding study abroad groups from schools,colleges and universities for the past three years. These tours have been such a success that new institutions, leaders and faculties have come to us following personal recommendation by the school and university staff that have travelled with us. This is what Darren Leaver, Study Abroad Director for Glendale Community College had to say about us-

Letter of Recommendation

Not only can we develop and manage your New Zealand itinerary, but also Australia and our other South Pacific neighbours as well. As we are accredited to take tour groups into New Zealand and Australian National Parks, this allows us to develop unique and contrasting tour products,able to cater for a diverse range of needs. Can you Imagine a tour which combines the snow capped mountains, the glaciers, the stunning beaches, lush rainforests and rivers of New Zealand with the stark and surreal beauty of the Australian outback or the magnificent Barrier Reef?

Let us help make your study abroad visit to New Zealand and the South Pacific a success. All tours are personalized, with itineraries custom-built to meet your collective and individual desires, and budget (from backpackers to luxury) for any sized group. We give each of our study abroad groups our highest level of personal attention -

"We couldn't have had the success we had on this trip without Mike and Nicola's assistance. All very friendly and enoyable. Tremendously helpful, very informative, we liked the personal touch! Thank you! Until the next study abroad trip!" Dr Russell Carson and Dr Laura Stewart.

"Mike and Nicola were wonderful. They organised a wonderful study abroad trip. Not only do they plan great experiences, they interact on a personal level with the students. The students loved them! I highly recommend them to assist in planning a study abroad!" Dr Donna Gee.

When you’re travelling New Zealand, it’s the natural attractions that take your breath away. Snowy mountains, smoking volcanoes, white and black sand beaches, remote hiking trails, fiords, wilderness lakes and much more.

Comparable in size to Great Britain, Colorado or Japan, New Zealand has a population of only 4 million - making it one of the world's least crowded countries. It is a haven for those seeking relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. A temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it an ideal year-round travel destination.

New Zealand’s Maori culture emerged from Polynesian migrations that began around 700 years ago. Our European history began about 500 years later. Today, our place names, art, architecture and stories reflect New Zealand's combined multi-cultural roots - who we are, where we came from and how we’ve shaped our society. Whilst heritage sites and cultural experiences can be found throughout the country, some places have special significance. In Waitangi you can learn about the treaty that changed the course of New Zealand history forever. Central Otago still displays relics of the gold rush, when thousands of people flocked to the region in search of riches. And in Napier you’ll see a wealth of fabulous Art Deco architecture, which only materialised because the city was almost entirely destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1931. Ice ages, fault lines, volcanic zones and tectonic plate movements have all made their mark on New Zealand. Ours is a dynamic environment, sandwiched between two oceans and perched on the Pacific Ring of Fire. When extreme events happen below or above the earth’s surface, unusual scenery is often the result.

Take the south-western corner of the South Island as an example. Here a procession of ice ages wrought an impressive collection of fiords. Further up the coast, there are two glaciers that refuse to believe the ice age is over - they’re still creeping down into the rainforest. Most of the South Island’s lakes were born from the same kind of glacial action that created the fiords. Lake Te Anau is the largest, covering an area of 344 square kilometres. Lake Manapouri is often regarded as the most beautiful - it has 34 islands and is 440 metres deep in places.

For absolute in-your-face action, the North Island never fails to satisfy. Active volcanic regions, including a marine volcano that you can walk through, are outward expressions of internal rumblings. Take a wander through the geothermal areas around Rotorua and Taupo - active craters and geysers endlessly perform. And what about boiling mud? Fourteen spectacular national parks preserve New Zealand's natural heritage. Enshrining a huge variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, our parks allow you to discover the heart and soul of the country. From the golden beaches of Abel Tasman to the alpine environment of Arthur's Pass to the immense Whanganui River, New Zealand's national parks contain some of our most treasured wilderness areas.Every one of our marine reserves, and there are more than 25 of them, preserves an area that is valuable because it’s typical, unique or extremely beautiful. For example, Fiordland’s marine reserves protect the world's largest black coral trees - some over 300 years old.

One of our most famous marine reserves is the Poor Knights, where subtropical currents, huge caves and archways support an extraordinary range of life. This reserve has been called one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. Many of the North Island’s lakes are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. The biggest of these crater lakes is Taupo - it’s the size of small country and one of our top trout fishing destinations. You can also catch trout in many of Rotorua’s crater lakes.

Dune lakes are an interesting phenomenon. At Kai Iwi in Northland there are three beautiful dune lakes fringed with pure white sand. Near Levin on the west coast of the North Island, the dune lake Papaitonga is edged with wetlands that are great for bird watching.

Whatever your interests, New Zealand and Kiwi Travel and Tours can offer your Study Abroad Group a stunning, safe and inexpensive experience that will stay with you and your students for the rest of your lives.


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"The trip was amazing, trip of a lfetime and y'all personally couldn't have been better" GLEN B. LOU, USA

"Best way to see NZ! You guys are fantastic!" JAMEE R, TEXAS, USA

"Nicola is really good at her job and I appreciate everything she did for us" CLAIRE D. LOU, USA

"Tour driver was extensive in his service, information and personal care. More like mentor, parental in his guidance."

"What an amazing adventure! I learned & laughed from start to finish. Thank you so much" REBECCA L, TEXAS, USA

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"6 days in NZ with Kiwi Travel was better than an entire month in Greece Kiwi Travel is awesome!"

"Michael and Nicola, your country is so beautiful thank you for sharing it with us! The trip was crazy -fast, and everytime that we returned to you and the bus I felt that we were safe again! PEGGY, CA, USA

"Mike and Nicola, thank you for everything you've done for us. You guys are like famiy" TY, CA, USA

Mike and Nicola, thank you for a wonderful trip! I wish I could go all over again. We will miss you and I hope to come back and see you soon" ANGELA, CA, USA

"Thank you so much, you guys made this trip awesome and unforgetable" TIM, CA, USA

"It was soooooo fun! Thank you!"

"Fantastic. Mike and Nicola were helpful, knowledgeable, and above all, entertaining. Ths trip was by far, my most enjoyable travel experience. I recommend Kiwi Travel & Tours with no reservations. Just don't luge with that Mike Painter, he's a lunatic" SETH R, TEXAS, USA

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